K (TV) – Episode 11

ImageWhat an episode! I can really say this episode was the best one so far, and probably ever for this anime. I’m still excited about what I just saw!

Everything started off normally in this episode – the Blues invaded the island, and a fight began between them and Reds (HOMRA). However, during the whole conflict, a few strange things happened. For example a member of the Sceptre 4 squad shooting Anna from a roof of a school building. Or a HOMRA member asking for help, and backstabbing the Blue King when he saves the man from falling rocks. Finally, Kukuri is acting really strange.

ImageUpon finding Kukuri, the main characters try to take her to safety, only to be stopped by the Red King. Kuro tells others to run while he holds back the king, but as expected the fight is really one-sided. However, it gets interrupted by the Blue King, who is apparently alive and well. The kings run off to fight in another place, while Kukuri stabs Shiro with a sharp glass.

It gets revealed that the Fox Spirit was possessing all the strange people in this episode, and is now trying to kill Shiro. This attempt fails thanks to Kuro’s swordsmanship skills, but it doesn’t go to waste. The mysterious fox brings back Shiro’s memories, which – amazingly enough – show that he is actually the Silver King, Adolf Weismann.

ImageWhat a plot twist to this anime with a seemingly below average story! I admit that I really love plot twists, be they in movies, books, anime or games – they just bring this pleasant feeling into my heart that shows the whole story from another perspective, which perhaps wasn’t even thought of before. Therefore, the revelation that Shiro is Weismann did the same to me. It connected all the previous hints that were thrown in, but were previously hard to notice. For example the personalities and habits, which were actually almost identical for the pre-WW2 Weismann and Shiro from the beginning of the series. Additionally, this might also shed a bit of light on Neko – she looks very similar to Weismanns dead sister. Maybe there’s a connection?

ImageThe plot twist really did a good job heading the anime towards a well-executed ending. After-all, there is just two more episodes left. Meaning that there will be only ~40 more minutes of the animations of exceptional quality, an interesting and good art with a big contrast between colours in different situations/settings. It might be the end of the characters, but I guess that is inevitable and even positive. Dragging this out any longer would only ruin the mood and overshadow the positives that I found from watching this. Thus, after giving this episode a very high score of 9.5 out of 10, I’ll be waiting for the next week to see how the actions develop with the appearance of a new peace on the battlefield.

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