Btooom! (TV) – Episode 11

ImageJust one more episode left. I guess the authors are starting to wrap this up, although it seems to be rather slow. Especially because nothing major happened again this episode.

The episode started off with a confrontation between Himiko and Date. Ryouta got blown up by the BIM in the trunk, and Himiko saw the explosion – this made her break down and cry. However, she gets help from Murasaki (the woman living in these ruins). They try to escape together, but the doctor stops them.

ImageJust when Himiko accepts her fate, and decides it is better to die now than live without Ryouta, a figure appears. Unsurprisingly, it is Ryouta who only has a minor bleeding. He beats Date at his own game – moving a BIM that Date planted before, and the doctor almost blows himself up.

That’s when the woman appears again, telling others to not dirty their hands – she is ready to finish Date off, but in the end fails. Instead, she treats his wounds and cries on his shoulder, talking about never forgiving her. We are left without any further knowledge about the development of their relationship.


Ryouta and Himiko set out towards their hideout, but want to check all the dead people on their way. Mysteriously, although nobody should have known about the untouched chips, they are gone. That’s when Ryouta gets suspicious of Taira. As they return, they notice a homing BIM – and the only person being able to use them actually IS Taira.

ImageAn intersenting episode, but once again – there wasn’t enough for me here. I would’ve expected more in the second-to-last episode of an anime like this. As expected, we will never learn the full story behing Btooom!, and nor will we learn about many of the characters. And there were plenty of those – in the beginning of the series, there were many people dropped off to the island, and most of them weren’t even mentioned or shown. A bit disappointing, but oh well – to be expected.

Taira’s betrayal was also predictable, judging by how he acted in the past episodes. He was probably on the verge of going crazy, and has now finally snapped. I think he is trying to escape the island alone – and killing his partners would be the easiest way to do so.

Episode score (disregarding anime as a whole): 8/10. Raised the score due to the added mystery, and a few plot twists. Otherwise it would be slightly lower due to animation, which has been bothering me lately, and the content of the episode.

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