Btooom! (TV) – Episode 10

ImageAnother week has gone by, and another weekly episode of Btooom! was aired. It was interesting, if I had to say shortly. As expected – there was a lenghty flashback, and some major changes in the plot.

First of all, the fight between Ryouta and Oda (the guy with sun-glasses) finished. Actually, it didn’t even happen, since Oda just took the trunk and his stuff, and the little kid took his BIMs back from Ryouta. All that despite the successful plan to make Oda detonate his bombs without blowing the main character up…

ImageAfter the clash, Oda returns to his and his female partner’s hiding place, and shares a meal there. Sakamoto Ryouta, on the other hand, innocently asks the doctor to share food with everybody. Despite feeling really mad about it, Date-san (the doctor) has no other choice, if he wants others to trust him. Meanwhile, Ryouta remembers his school-days – where he had a good friend, Oda Nobutaka, who for some myserious reason betrayed him by sleeping with the girl that Ryouta liked. Getting into a fight, both were suspended, and Oda quit school.

Because Taira still felt sick, and due to the poison his wounds weren’t healing, doctor, Himiko and Sakamoto had to go looking for medicine – back into the abandoned building where the nurse lives. There the doctor’s patience finally ran out, and he made Ryouta carry the trunk with an activated bomb. The bomb blew up with Himiko crying out, and the viewers were left guessing whether the main character died, or not.


This is one of the episodes that I really like despite the flaws. The progress in story is so interesting, and the authors really know how to keep up the suspense. Though, I’m not sure whether this has always been like that, but the art quality was quite bad this week. The scenes that had more than one character in it looked really bad – especially the face details. I would have hoped for more here.

As I said before, it was really nice seeing a big part of Ryouta’s past. His friendship with Oda, and the way it ended, gave their relationship a good atmosphere. Either Oda had some amazing plan on changing Ryouta, or he was a real scumbag. Either way, he went overboard with the love triangle incident, and in my opinion deserved the beating.

ImageFinally, about the preview. Wow, this week it was well done. Ryouta wasn’t shown a single time, and even though it would normally be quite obvious that the main character survives all obstacles, I really started doubting the outcome of the explosion. All characters acted as if Ryouta really died, and there wasn’t anything hinting otherwise. Therefore, I’ll be excitedly looking forward to the next week’s episode, which will unfortunately bring the ending closer. And unlike with the anime K, there’s just 2 episode left from now. Score for this episode (closing an eye on the bad quality of art) – 9/10.

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