K (TV) – Episode 9

ImageWow. Didn’t expect to see so much happen in one episode of Project K. Makes me quite happy to be honest, since there might still be a well-done ending to this anime, even if there won’t be another season.

The reason why I think the ending might succeed was brought out in episode 9. At the end of the episode, the Red King finds out who the murderer is – the guy actually calls him while he’s in the prison cell, and releases some kind of smoke with the head of a fox. Using it, and threatening the HOMRA (especially Anna) forces the Red King to make up his mind, and he easily breaks out not only of his cell, but out of the whole heavily guarded and protected building, defeating most of the Blue Group members in the process. Having broken out, he meets up with his friends, and calmly walks towards his new goal – the school island.

ImageHowever, that’s not all that was shown in this episode. It all started out with the past of Weismann (the Silver King). It appears that he used to be a young German scientist at the time of 2nd World War, and lost his sister in it. The loss changed him from a person with peaceful personality to someone who has nothing left to strive for and escapes on an airship. Also, the fact that it was the year 1945, when he went onto the airship, shows that he never ages – remaining eternally young. According to the Blue King, it is just a lie, and everybody ages – even the kings. Weismann’s body, following the crash of the airship, is contained in a sealed container (not sure how it’s called), and as I understood he is in a coma. He is guarded by the Golden King and his men.

ImageReturning to the school island, nobody seems to directly remember who Shiro was. His “friends” recall that there was some guy who acted like Shiro, but they never manage to completely remember him. Therefore they decide to empty his dorm room.

As I said before, it was a very nice episode. The anime’s story seems to have made drastic improvements, and is only going up. I’m not sure whether this will continue or not, but for now I’m happy. It was also nice to have an episode that talked about some of the background information, since it created at least some basis for some of the characters. It was also good to have a break from the group of main protagonists, who seem to have disappeared after the aircopter crash. As for the preview – next episode will probably have a clash between the Blue and Red Kings. Something to look forward to (+ it means more action, which is very welcome here)! Score for episode 9 of Project K: 8.5/10.

PS. Found an interesting theory of what could be the relation between Shiro and Weismann (might contain major spilers): http://marchen-v-friedhof.tumblr.com/post/36906036776/shiro-and-weissman-a-more-comprehensive-post

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