K (TV) – Episode 10

ImageYes! I finally managed to catch up with this anime, even though it’s about to end in a few weeks. About this weeks episode – it’s not really what I expected. I thought there would be more action tthan usually, but oh well, it couldn’t have been farther from that.

As I said, I expected to see action. Instead, the whole episode was filled with dialogues and the feelings of the characters. Got to hear something from most of the characters so far. The episode was concentrated on the school island, which has now been occupied by the HOMRA group. All students are kept hostage, and the members of the gang are searching for somebody who looks like Shiro. It wasn’t surprising that nobody remembered him – as we know from Neko’s powers.

ImageIn the later part of the episode, the Red and Blue kings meet up and have a chat. Red King rejects an ultimatum, stating that he will kill Totsuka’s murderer himself, and the kings just part ways. It’s revealed that the Blue King considers the Red King his friend, and it’s probably the same the other way around. Everything ends with Shiro and his friends returning to the dorm room, which now has an explosion hole in it. They are surprised about the state of the room, despite knowing that the school is under the control of HOMRA, and that the island is surrounded by the Blues. Finally, they make a resolution to take action and free the students.

ImageThe preview this week looked even more promising than last week. Now it was clearly shown that a fight will come, with the giant swords flying in the air, and Shiro seems to have a part in it! Probably he will just talk, though, since making him a king would ruin much of what was achieved in the past episodes.

Seeing as the anime nears its end, at 10 episodes, I’m starting to get prepared for an ending. Just 3 more episodes, and then it will be over. Will have to return to the old style of current anime with average animations and a huge amount of fan-service. I guess I’ve really grown to like this series, and will miss it when it will be over. Episode score: 8/10, because I expected at least a single fight scene this week.

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  1. no printscreens of Fushimi??? ;_; why!? dem expressions were so epic and you didn’t even mention them 😥

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