K (TV) – Episode 8

ImageIn this episode of the anime K, the sotry continue regarding Shiro’s lost memory. However, as he managed to remember a clue connecting himself to the incident, the developement goes further.

The episode starts off with Shiro still trying to comprehend what he remembered, and a mysterious airship flying above the town. As we find out later in the episode, the man in the airship, who has been shown in a few previous episodes, is actually the most important king – Silver King. It’s also said that the second king is the Golden King, who rules the land, as opposed to sky of Silver King. Anyway, the company of Shiro, Kuro and Neko contact the Blues (Blue Gang) and propose to surrender if Shiro is given a chance to talk to the Silver King. Unexpectedly, their proposal is accepted, however it was just a lie from the protagonists – instead they disguise theselves as members of the Blue, and on their aircopter join the mission of apprehension of the Silver King, who is already suspected of being involved in Totsuka’s murder. The king, instead of being angry or scared, drops the woman’s corpse with which he had been dancing the whole time, and blows up the airship.

ImageThis episode really succeeded in the amount of information that was given to the viewer. The ending wasn’t explained – leaving them to guess, why the king blew up the airship. My version is that he expects the Golden King to help him as a fellow ruler of other kings. That would be a bit too simple, though, so there might be something else in the next episode.

I’d like to remark, that I’ve started to like the new Shiro’s character. It doesn’t seem too weak, as in the first few episodes, and he can now think of solutions to problems and even invent good tactics. A really good improvement of his character. Neko on the other hand is still like a cat – sometimes acting all serious and smart, but on the other hand doing some very silly things, such as almost revealing their disguise by breaking the aircopter formation. The visual and audio quality is still remarkably good, although I’ve already got a bit used to it – which has made me more critical towards other shows that I watch.

Score: 8/10, because there was no action that could have been there. This is an action anime, after all.

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