Yuru Yuri (TV, Season 1) – Episode 1


Okari~n! Just had to put that word here. Anyway, I’ve been putting off this anime for a while, but now I finally decided to watch the first episode completely, to be able to judge it better.

The main characters of the anime are 4 middle-school girls: Akari (often called Akarin by others), Kyouko, Yui and Chinatsu. All of the have different personalities, perhaps representing the usual character types, but they still manage to be friends.

Quick overview of the story: It’s the first day of the school-year, and Akari will be attending middle school from now on. At the same school study two of her friends, Yui and Kyouko, who are both 1 year older than her. Right on the first day, Akari joins the club that her friends are in – the Amusement Club – which in reality has not purpose. Soon they get another member, Chinatsu, who is Akari’s new classmate.

ImageThe anime (or at least judging by the first episode) will follow their daily lives, with all the jokes that are often yuri-related, as the title suggests. I guess it will be episodic, so no hopes for a proper story, but it isn’t even needed here. This is just a fan-service anime that has features a group of moe blobs.

The art – typical for this type of anime. Instead of a realistic design, it’s more cartoonish. Details aren’t added as they wouldn’t have a purpose here. Despite the art being different from most modern anime series, the animation seems good – nothing that would really bother me.

ImageSince the visuals aren’t very important here, I would naturally expect the audio to be good. And just as expected, it is. The voice actors, none of whom really had much practice before Yuru Yuri, accomplished the goal of partraying their characters very well. Apart from the great voice acting, the usage of sound effects was also appropriate. I’ve watched quite a few anime where music was played at a completely wrong time, and thus ruined the mood, but luckily that wan’t a problem here.

General thoughts: I enjoyed the first episode. About half a year ago, I already tried starting this anime, but gave up half-way through the episode. It just wasn’t my cup of tea back then. I’m not sure what changed, but today it was very watchable. Right now I don’t search for anime that has fan-service, nor have I ever looked for yuri anime, but despite all these factors, Yuru Yuri was enjoyable! It’s light and fun, but at the same time it isn’t annoying like many other series that strive for the same results.

First impression rating: 8.5/10

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