Btooom! (TV) – Episode 9

ImageEpisode 9 of Btooom! came out a few days ago, and today I finally watched it. In general, I liked it.

Sakamoto and Himiko return to the place where they left Taira before. However, to their surprise, the man isn’t alone there. Instead, he was being treated by a new character, who is actually the doctor from last week’s story. From the very beginning, he is shown as a deceitful character. He’s constantly making plans of using other people to his benefit, and it often means killing them. That’s why he seemingly agrees to team up with the main characters, and on the inside was thinking of getting their chips at the right moment.

ImageHowever, as the three (everybody except Taira, who’s still injured) go for a trunk of resources that is flying towards the sea, they meet much bigger obstacles – it’s being chased by 6 other people. One of them was especially skilled – both strong and smart, called Oda by his female companion (also from the previous episode). He beats Sakomoto in every sense and leaves a cool impression of himself.

Their first meeting is interrupted by 2 other players, one of whom is the boy from before, Kira Kousuke, and another of his adult “friends”. They continue their fight later, leaving a tense ending to the episode. I like when something ends this way – it gives proper insight on future events, but at the same time leaves me guessing and waiting for the next release.

ImageThe episode was certainly more action-filled than last week, when everything was more focused on the characters and their pasts. It seemed to me that the art quality was worse than in episode 8, although it was still watchable and therefore enjoyable. There was no character development, bu that’s OK – it doesn’t need to happen in every episode. I also like the preview – I think that next week we will see a lot of Sakamoto’s past, and his school-days. Looking forward to that! Score: 8/10.

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