K (TV) – Episode 7

ImageWhat an event-filled episode… Was thoroughly enjoyable, especially due to the constant twists in the plot and the fooling of the audience.

Yes, the picture above is of Shiro. Or so it seems at first. The company of protagonists is caught on the stadium by the Blue Gang, together with the Blue King, and have no choice but to surrender. However, Neko manages to get Shiro out of the situation, and later even fakes him to have super-powers. What a bummer – Shiro isn’t a king, and it’s pretty much official now.

ImageInstead, he is a guy with amnesia, who was thrown off an airship, and landed inside the warehouse (or whatever that place was, where there was a hole in the roof). There he met Neko, still as a cat, who created lots of false memories to both, him and other students of the school. Now though, she is asked to give back Shiro’s memories, which she does, although reluctant to do so. With Kuro’s sword pointed at him, Shiro remembers everything that had happened in the days from Totsuka’s murder.

ImageThoughts: I liked it. Now it can be called a good anime. It has a non-linear story, art of very high qquality, plenty of famous voice actors, wise use of music. Character development is a bit limited (or slow), but still, I wonder why the anime doesn’t have a higher average score on MyAnimeList? Although it’s still early, I think that the anime is better than many other shows I’ve seen recently, and those had way higher scores. Since I’m still a few episodes behind the weekly releases, my opinion might change, but for now I’m confused. Perhaps it’s the usual people who hate an anime solely based on one feature (in this case it would be BL fanservice, I guess, although I haven’t noticed anything for a few episodes now). Score: 8.5/10

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