K (TV) – Episode 5

ImageAnother episode, another hope for a plot progression. This episode, however, was enjoyable.

Yes, I admit that something seemed to happen in this episode. Although the story stayed at the same point as last time, we learned more about the characters – Yata and Fushimi. Thanks to them, this was also seemingly the most action-filled episode so far. The two guys met, and the reunion of a traitor and a lackey turned into a provocative fight scene, just to be stopped at the most tense moment.

ImageHow did the fight even begin? Well, both were walking around the school, looking for information on Shiro, and whether he actually studies there. Plot-twist came at the end of the episode: both, the school database, and Kukuri (the female student from previous episodes) said that Shiro doesn’t even study there! I have a theory on this part, mainly because of a small spoiler I read, but who knows – will need to watch on to be sure.

So to sum it up, I liked the fight scene, I liked what lead to it. I didn’t like the lack of development in Shiro’s story, as he was just walking around the town with Neko and Kuro. The episode didn’t even concentrate on him at all, despite him being the main protagonist…

ImageI guess I was wrong about the type of the anime, when I started watching K. I expected it have more action, for the story to be very quick – probably even too quick to be good. However, this anime seems to disregard the story, and instead concentrates on characters and portraying their personalities as well as possible. The way it’s going right now, I’d rather not see a conclusion to it at all – it would just be an ending pulled out of nowhere, and would bring down the good things this anime has right now. 7/10

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