K (TV) – Episode 4

ImageJust when I was thinking that the story progress really is zero, the plot developed! Not much, but still enough to keep it interesting to watch.

But seriously, it seems like in the past 2 episodes, pretty much nothing happened right up to the end of episode 4. The characters were just walking around the place, talking about meaningless stuff (at least it didn’t count towards the story) and trying to prove Shiro’s innocence. Only now did Shiro finally find some proof for his words – granting him an alibi.

ImageEverything would be lost, if not for the ending. Despite the alibi he had, Shiro started remembering events from the roof of the building – killing the HOMRA’s member. Wow, this really smells of a plot twist, and I just love those! A thing that confused me was Neko’s appearance at school. As I remember in episode 2, the woman she bumped into in the street couldn’t see her. Now, however, all people in the class saw her pop out from thin air, and nobody of the main characters was even surprised at this difference. Am I missing something here?

Anyway, every organization in the anime found out who the supposed killer is – his name and whereabouts – and as seen at the end, ready to take action. I’m expecting some action in the next episode, because there was none of it here.

ImageApart from the sotry, nothing else seems in need of commenting in my opinion – the quality has remained, and I still like it. Even the voices that I seemed to dislike before are familiar now, and fit all the characters. Neko’s personality is also the same – adding a special feeling to the atmosphere of the series. 7.5/10 from me – the plot progress being the main downside to the anime, and I really hope something will change in the future. Otherwise, the ending will either be very rushed, quite bad or there won’t even be an ending, and I will be stuck waiting for another season for a few years. That’s really not something I like to do.

About the preview of episode 5: judging by what is shown, I think there will be a clash between the Red and Blue Gangs, which I’m looking forward to. As for last seconds – it really felt like an ending to a part of the anime. Maybe the real story will start now? Who knows.

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