K (TV) – Episode 3

ImageIn episode 3 of K, a few things happened. However, if I was to summarize the events of the episode – the progress of story is REALLY slow. I’m not even sure how they’re going to sum it all up in 13 episodes (unless there will be another season).

The episode started off with the Red King, Mikoto, being in jail. He is visited there by the Blue King, Munakata. Judging by their conversation, their meeting in episode 1 wasn’t their first. They seem to know each-other quite well, and could possibly even have been friends in the past.

ImageNext, however, the Blue King is making plans regarding the jailing of the Red King – more precisely, he is thinking of a way to restrain the man. The difficulty comes from the fact that Red King is “like a natural disaster”, and the only person strong enough to beat or fight him, is Munakata.

The second half of the episode shows us how groups alleged to both kings search for clues regarding the shooting incident in the video. Some of these clues are found by one group, some by the other. However, they both learn of the findings of the others. This part actually confused me a bit – I didn’t really understand the purpose of the investigation, if both parties knew that they just had to find Shiro.

Finally, Kuro (Yatogami Kuroh) explains Shiro and Neko about the kings – there are 7 in total, and each has their own colour. They are told to be very powerful, and even the prime minister of Japan has to listen to their orders. After the explanation, Kuro gives the protagonist a chance to prove his innocence through his actions. How unpredictable…


Overall, I liked the episode just like the last one. The quality once again didn’t seem to decrease, and I’m now actually quite fond of the style of the anime. Still can’t stop enjoying the relaxing feeling of the anime despite having so many conflicts! If I was to compare it, I’d say it’s very similar to Durarara!, although I still haven’t completed the latter. I also started liking the ending song. A not-so-good thing I noticed now, though, is Neko’s voice. I simply don’t like her manner of talking – the words are too soft, even for a neko-girl. Although, if I take into account that she’s actually not even half-human, but a cat, it might fit her character well. Score: 8/10 – no decrease for the pace of the story. Got to trust the authors to know what they’re doing. Will definitely continue watching!

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  1. Mikoto really does know some good pick-up lines doesn’t he šŸ˜€

    How do you like VAs ? becuase imho if not art and VAs (and BL hints) this show would’ve been complete disaster…

    • If it was a clear shounen anime, I would complain about Shiro’s voice. Otherwise, all VAs are fine. Once again, though, Neko’s voice is too cute’ish to be likeable for me.
      And what anime could do without a good art and voice actors? xD

      • Luckily for fangirls it’s not shounen anime…it’s josei šŸ˜› or at least manga is, so I guess anime is as well…
        as for Shiro’s voice…many males on niconico had said it was too cute to be guy’s…or so I heard XD
        And neko exists purely for moe so she has to be overly cute, no? šŸ˜€
        As for the last question…..Mars of destruction ._.

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