Skelter+Heaven (OVA)

ImageSkelter Heaven. Yes, an OVA produced by the “famous” Idea Factory – the creators of another masterpiece named Mars of Destruction. That’s also the main (and to be honest the only one) reason why I wanted to watch this 18-minute OVA.

What can I say? I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I found exactly what I was looking for. A good laugh at an anime that is bad enough to be funny. Just like Mars of Destruction, however without the amazing Beethoven music! Instead, there is the sound of a heart-beat, completely out of context.

ImageThe story, or at least the bit that exists here, talks about a flying alien endangering humans by hovering over a city. A group of android-girls are given the mission to kill the monster on their flying mechas. They must obey the orders of their commander without hesitation. As a side note, their commander himself seems like he was cut out of another anime – the style in which he is drawn is different from anyone else:

ImageThe story could’ve been a tiny bit better if it was executed correctly. However, instead of doing that, the authors decided to make it seem “deep” and added a few completely unnecessary and confusing details. This made the OVA’s plot basically non-existent.

As I mentioned before, there were many funny parts. Apart from the dialogue that was completely off, and the animation with some laughable quality, the decisions that the characters made were by major part difficult to understand. Additionally, the following image of chairs moving up and down, together with the moaning of the girls, was stupidly hilarious:

ImageI remember being unable to find the episode a while ago, but now I suddenly stumbled upon it. And I can tell you this – I don’t regret wasting 18 minutes of my life on this OVA. It might have been the 2nd worst anime I’ve ever seen, lacking in stupidity to surpass Mars of Destruction, but at least it was funny! I can’t give it any points in the sound, animation, story, character part, but it deserves an overall 2/10 score for the unintentional humour!

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