K (TV) – Episode 2


After episode 1, I decided to watch episode 2 of K right away. The story continued from the same place, but the overall feeling of the anime felt different in this episode. How did I like it this time? I once again have slightly mixed feelings, but they are starting to disappear.

So, why did the episode feel different? First of all, I think the main focus of the episode 2 was on comedy – unlike the introduction of characters in the first episode. The comedy was actually quite good, and made me laugh at some parts. Nothing felt forced, and everything was flowing just like it should.


There was once again action some action, but it wasn’t the main point. Basically it was there just to direct the other features of the episode. For example, the main plot of the episode – Kuroh trying to catch/kill Yashiro. This is made much more difficult by a new character of the series – Neko. If I had to describe her in a few words, she is the main part of male fanservice in the anime. Everything is pretty much blanked out, but she’s still there, completely naked and running around. She has super-powers which allow her to create illusions and shift the space, which she uses numerous times in her and Yashiro’s escape. Her character is cute and mischievous, just like her name – a cat (who she appears to have been, before getting a human form). However, she can be seen only by certain people – for now I can only assume that all these people have a common power.


Overall, I am happy that thee quality remained the same, and I didn’t notice anything that was extremely off in terms of graphics. The relaxing tone of the anime is also something enjoyable. Finally, another positive thing – I’m starting to get more used to the main character. Despite thinking his personality wasn’t the best in episode 1, this opinion starts to fade away. What made my feelings mixed? The slow pace of the story. It’s already the end of second episode (out of 13), and there doesn’t seem to be any development in terms of the main problem – who the mysterious person in the video is. Therefore, there is still room for improvement! 8 out of 10 for the episode.

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