Btooom! (TV) – Episode 8


This week, episode 8 of Btooom! was released. Since I haven’t made any previous entries about the anime, the post might be a bit sudden, but I wanted to add it to the list of anime I blog about.

In last week’s episode, Sakamoto managed to save Himiko. That’s exactly where this episode starts off. They are moving back towards their initial camp – the one where Taira is still waiting. As the night comes, though, they have to find a place where to sleep. Thus, upon finding another abandoned building, they decide to spend the night there.

This works as a good opportunity for the improvement of the relationship between Sakamoto and Himiko, which now seems quite typical – a tsundere’ish girl and a protective guy. However, their kind of “happy” time together is ruined by something strange – a ghost!

ImageAfter all the events that happened to the characters, seeing a ghost wouldn’t perhaps be very strange, but Sakamoto refuses to believe that. Instead, he suggests it was either a nightmare or another player. Since Himiko is trying to be very convincing, they agree on the latter. Searching the buildings around them, Sakamoto finally stumbles upon a trap set by the “ghost”, who actaully happens to be a female participant of the same survival game, which happened 6 months ago.

Then we are told the story of the woman, whose opinion on men is no different of Himiko’s. However, even she is rather convinced that the male protagonist is good-hearted and can be trusted.

ImageThe overall enjoyment from the episode was good – probably a 8 or 9 out of 10. There was a bit of everything I wanted – character development, action, flashbacks (which explained the background story even more), introduction of new characters. Not a major episode though, thus not a perfect score.

As I mentioned before, a few new characters were mentioned in this episode – a woman and two men. One of these men appears to be the person who was sent by the ghost-woman to the island, and who managed to escape once. Now, however, he is back for some reason – maybe because of his terrible personality, but maybe because one can not simply escape the island! The other man was only mentioned in the preview, and based on the little background reading I did on the series, he should have a big part in the whole story. I’m still not sure about the woman’s part, though.


As an ending note, I want to say that from now, I will review the series episode by episode till the end, and then write the final impression. At first blgging like this might seems a bit difficult for me, but I’ll try to improve.

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