Arata naru Sekai: Mirai-hen (OVA)

Today I was randomly looking through my “Plan to watch” list of animes, and accidentally stumbled upon an OVA that I was really looking forward to. Since it came out only recently (October 2012) and I learned of it a bit earlier, I managed to completely forget to watch it. Now, though, I did, and my thoughts on it are mixed.

First of all the animation and visuals. I have to admit, I just love artistic, detailed and beautiful landscapes and environments. And that is something this 30-minute OVA can really be proud of. Lots of big sceneries from the post-apocalyptic world really made me want to continue watching. The character design was relatively good – nothing too special, but I liked it and don’t have anything to complain about.

ImageNow the story… At first it seemed interesting and catchy. Everything seemed to fit fine into the picture, and I regarded it the way I tend to usually do – not concentrating on un-answered questions and perhaps even plot-holes. However, at the final part of the anime, I got simply too many questions to like the story as a whole. The setting was good, but the conclusion that the authors invented left just too much in the air, and they didn’t even try to hint towards the reasons and explanations, which viewers could then think of themselves. Though, this might be just me being unable to catch those small hints.

Quick summary of the story: four girls are sent to the future from a world, where the same apocalyptic day keeps repeating over and over. By going 6000 years forward in time, they are supposed to find a way to break this cycle, although as expected, nobody has absolutely ANY idea how this could be done. There are also other students sent to other times – to the past and to the future.


Sound is good, as expected. The voice actors all know their roles well, and manage to transfer the personalities of their characters very well. The most notable VA is Yuka Iguchi!

In general, there was some good fan-service – nothing major but it was there. The characters weren’t developed much, and I didn’t learn anything about 3 out of 4 of the girls. Only one of them – Yakusa – has a background, which is explained, and this makes her the protagonist. Her story involves the question of love and the meaning of being alive.

A rating I would give to this anime is 6.5 out of 10, because of the very good visuals, good audio, and a sotry that lacks a proper conclusion with explanations.

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