Pale Cocoon (OVA)


Today, I decided to watch Pale Cocoon. The reason for that was simple – it didn’t seem right for me to start my blog with an episode from the middle of an ongoing anime, so I wanted something short that I had not watched before. So, my eyes stopped at this particular OVA.

The cover image of Pale Cocoon seemed very good and appealing, depicting a slightly different art style. Not before I started watching it, did I notice that it was actually rather old – released back in 2005. That changed nothing though, because I was already interested in the concept of the anime – a distant future, where people have moved underground, and the only information about the old times can be found in the binary archives. A guy named Ura is one of those people who explore these archives, along with only a few remaining workers. One of these is a woman called Riko. Riko doesn’t really have a major role – perhaps she’s just the materialisation of a major point of view in the new world – that exploring the archives won’t change anything, and is useless.
Right before the last of his friends quit the job, Ura discovers an old mysterious recording, which later reveals a big secret. Basically the whole story of the OVA revolves around the recording and the memories of the old world.


Now, moving on the the art. What amazed me, especially considering that the OVA was made in 2005, is the detailed environment. The walls, machines, lights, particles etc. are made so well, that it would almost seems like a 2012 work. Not everything is good, though, since the creators seemed to be more reserved on the characters’ part – they really do seem very simply drawn. Perhaps this suggests that the characters aren’t really the anime’s main point.


Finally, the sound. There was plenty of music used in the OVA, more than actual words. There weren’t many words at all – only as much as necessary. Otherwise everything was once again based on our own senses – vision and hearing.

Concluding all my thoughts, I’d give this anime/OVA a positive score. Being critical, this would be 7 out of 10. The story was good, the visuals were very nice for the time, although character design was lacking. The sound was used nicely. The negative side of everything was the length of this OVA. I don’t think it was the best idea to fit everything into a short 24-minute episode, and I think this could easily have been a mmovie instead. This would also eliminate any possibility of misunderstandings in regards to the plot and the ending (which will be brought out in a spoiler at the end of this post). A good piece of work, though, to spend half-an-hour on if there’s free time on your hands!

Ending (highlight to see): The underground city isn’t actually located on the Earth. Earth’s environment was destroyed by humans long ago, and this forced them to move to the Moon! At the end, though, Ura can see that the planet is blue once again – having recovered with time and probably habitable again.

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